Photo by: Colleen Keough Petree

This blog all started because I just couldn’t keep my thoughts to myself during my pregnancy. I posted any and every thought I had to my Facebook account. After a string of brutally honest posts I started receiving compliments here and there from people I never thought would find me amusing. And like my father before me, if you encourage me I can’t seem to stop myself. I kept posting. Eventually my son came out into the world and I still couldn’t find a way to keep my mouth shut. Turns out babies and life are equally as amusing outside of the uterus. I also finally accepted that I needed a better vehicle for my thoughts so that I could elaborate more on the topics I felt were important. And ta-da. Here we are.

I love a good project. I am the Creative Director for the Retropolitan Craft Fair and a true-crime reenactment producer. Why not add mom and life blogger to the list?

When I’m not wifing, momming, producing, creative directing, or blogging I’m usually lounging around binge watching something on TV and actively not bathing. Or I’m cleaning, soaking in the bath, and getting dressed up. There is very little in between with me. I love my husband, teeny tiny, fur babies, other shelter pets, vintage trinkets, bedding, succulents, naps, bologna sammiches, strong coffee drinks, thunderstorms, all the brunch foods, handmade, my scruffy little city, changing my hair color and Harry Potter.

I thrive on entertaining people and love to tell a story. If I can amuse you, make you laugh, or make you feel a little less alone while reading this blog then I consider that a job well done. I also want to discuss the things that no one else wants to talk about and why no one wants to talk about them. If you have a topic you want addressed–email me. If I have experienced it in any shape or form (or hell even just have an opinion) I will do my darnedest to write about it.